Posted by: vanessamod89 | 09/04/2011

Homeschooling: ilegal and a crime in Brazil

When I read the title of this story I was shocked. It’s so ridiculous. Specially because this is something supported by the ‘Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente’ and by the ‘Lei de Diretrizes e Bases’. Because according to them, homeschooling it’s forbidden, it’s a crime. There are so many things that they should be worrying about. But no, if a parent decides to teach their kids at home, OH MY GOD! It’s a crime, and deserves punishment.

If a mother or a father make this decision, why he/she shouldn’t be allowed to do it? If a child is lucky enough to have a staying home parent who can teach him or her, they deserve this right. If their parents believe homeschooling is the best way to teach them, why not?

It’s unfair with people who thinks this is the best form of education. So many bad things can happen with a child in a regular school. Everybody knows that. Parents, teachers and the kids themselves.

Many people may think that homeschooling it’s a synonym of someone who it’s anti-social, that can’t make friends, have a good relationship with strangers, etc. I don’t think this is true. The school it’s not the only place a child can make friends. The world is so big and there are a lot of places and opportunities for a child who’s being homeschooling. Our society must open their minds to the future. To new forms of education. New forms of teaching. It’s a huge step back to punish a parent because he has different beliefs from most of us.

Source of the news: Terra


BY Joseane



  1. I believe homeschooling can be as good as going to school. It’s just a matter of the parents to estimulate the child and hire some good teachers if they can’t teach a subject. This law shouldn’t exist…

  2. I don’t think it’s up for the parents to teach their children at home (unless they are qualified, of course), but I do believe it should be their choice whether their kids should learn at home or at school. Who is to say homeschooling can’t bring better results than learning at a regular school? Some children have special needs and sometimes are unable to actually go to school, so why not provide them with the same opportunities a regular child would have? I agree, this law is ridiculous and should not exist.

  3. Although I think its better for kids to go to regular schools, homeschooling should be an option for those who want. Parents should have the choice to let their kids go to school or not, it shouldn’t be a problem for those parents who think this is the best option.

  4. Homeschooling is a very common practice in the US, and I would jump at the opportunity to homeschool my son here in Brazil if that option was available to me. Unfortunately, it isn´t, and the brazilian government has some strange ideas as to what homeschooling means, because it is a crime (gasp!) here. Absurd.

  5. If someone has the privilege to be educated at home he/she must do it, and enjoy it, considering our public schools and all the difficulties surrounding all regular schools, I believe that this kind of “isolation” is benefic. And since the parents were provided with enought knowledge to teach their own kids, then homeschooling will be just another step in this type of closed society we’re already living in.

  6. Yep!

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