Posted by: anagalacini | 10/04/2011

Learning English with Online Classes

Today, we are going to talk a little bit about the process of teaching English through online classes with online teachers.

After we had read a new on “The New York Times” journal (, we saw that in United States of America, there are more than one million students taking online classes, a modern way of teaching and learning the English language and another subjects.

This kind of teaching reaches both mandatory classes like happens in Memphis, that each pupil must take an online course to graduate, and tutorial or even better, makeup classes or credit recovery, which high schools use to upgrade graduation rates.

An online class is a controversial matter relating to discussions about, its effectiveness or not and what are the reasons around this type of classes.

This is a different way of learning and there are million possibilities of learning on fair websites and, the institutions of learning buy some programs that have been used in these schools. Analyzing it, we understand that this can be an effective strategy.

In another line of thinking, this may be not so a successful program. Once connected in websites, the students, in general, are intended to lose their attention surfing in another websites.

Another point that can be put in this analyze is that some critics say that these online classes are a way of spending less on teachers and space in buildings. Furthermore, the critics say that there isn´t research showing that these classes are comparable to face-to-face classes.

So, here are the questions: are these classes effective? Do you believe in what the critics said about it? Would you teach your students through online classes?

We have our doubts..


Ana and Malu



  1. I think these classes might be effective, but not as the usual ones. I believe that people who learn through online classes take more time to learn something then on a regular school because of the structure the school offers (of course, not all of them), like reinforcement classes, library… But that’s only my opinion. I haven’t made any resources about it.

  2. I agree with Juliana. I think that people who take online classes may learn but take more time than if you watch a regular one. And sometimes the learning process is not as effective as a face-to-face class.

  3. I think it helps if the studend take an online class together with a face-to-face to class, like an reinforcement. In my opinion, it will be not effective for the student to learn only through online websites.

  4. I believe it all depends on what kind of students we’re talking about. If the student is really interested in study, the internet has a book collection bigger than any school, no matter where in the world.

    And we can’t use library and reinforcement classes as an argument, because the same kind of student who search for knowledge in a “real” school, would search it in the internet.

    What about the students that never went to the library in a school? Would internet be blamed if they had online classes?

    • But being general, not all students are motivated.

    • BTW, that happens both ways. Online and offline 😦
      Speaking for me: I hate maths and I’d never study it by my own.

  5. I’ve never read or discussed about this matter. It’s really hard to say something because you don’t know other views and researches about it.
    I did an online subject in my Gastronomy course. My experience isn’t good… Online classes has its restrictions. On one hand, technology is a new way of interacting with the world and students have to manage it. But, online classes can’t replace face-to-face classes… (I’m not saying that you said it). Teachers can identify and solve learning problems… We all know: this is obvious, teachers help us in our dificulties. What I mean is online classes should be just a improvement to education, NOT the new way of education.

  6. online classes are not effectives…. it does not work for most of people

    • Why do you think this? I think it might work for some people, and might not work for other.

    • Just because they don’t work for most people doesn’t mean they are completely useless or ineffective. Everything has a bright side.

  7. I dont’t agree with this form of education. I don’t think it’s effective enough. Students who are studying on line are in disadvantage. I would never try to teach my students this way.

  8. I think online classes can work for people who really can’t make it to a real class – maybe they live in different cities or there are no ways of transportation available -or they simply learn better that way. But, for most people, there is nothing better than a live class, with teacher and colleagues all around. In my opinion, whether online classes can work or not will depend mainly on the student.

    • I agree.

  9. Yes, the sucess of the online classes will depend on the interest of the students who use this tool for learn.

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