Posted by: cintiaokubo | 10/04/2011

Mary Poppins’ Teaching Approach


An answer to “The Teachers Who Shaped Our Lives” - New York times

Let’s admit. To be a teacher is not just to impose the subject or just to prepare the student to a test and let they forget everything in the end of it. To teach is an art. I really mean that. If Sun Tzu was alive, he’d probably write “The Art of Teach”.

In the Dark Age, the artisans used to choose a young apprentice to pass all his knowledge, giving them full attention at all times. In the course of time, the number of apprentices for each master increased, until the nowadays moment, where a teacher can’t even give any attention to individual students.

It’s quite impossible, to a teacher, to give the students some particular attention. To be sincere, in a 50 min’s class with 30 or even 40 students, to know all the students’ names is already remarkable to a teacher.

But even then, this is not an immutable fact. When a student feels special to a teacher, he’d learn much more than the subject. And to make a student feels special is not that hard, the problem is to make all the students feel special. And, is on this point, that we, as teachers-to-be, must focus our attention.

To teach is not to impose content. It’s to expose content. Is not to make students memorize things. Is to make they learn it. And the most important thing, to teach is not to show directions, to teach is to show students all the possibilities and to help them to do choose the right direction, because in the end, teachers really shape students’ life, willy-nilly.

by  Cintia,  Leo e Marcos



  1. Really nice post! I loved the idea of focusing on each student to make them learn the subject. I already had something like that in mind and it’s hard to do it, but it’s a great idea!

  2. I liked the idea, but you should elaborate more on the “how to make them feel special”. I’d realy like to know… 🙂

  3. Sun Tzu would have written a book called `The Art of Teaching on a Offensively Low Salary in Brazil`, because that is, in fact, an art.

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