Posted by: eduardoopr | 11/04/2011

Rwanda to switch from French to English in schools.


The Rwandan government is to switch the country’s entire education system from French to English. This can be the first step to move away from Francophone influence and become a membership of the East African Community.

As we know, nowadays if you want to participate in a globalized world you need the English language, because this is becoming the language of business and if you don’t know how to use this tool certainly you are going to be in an inferior position in relation to others. In order to achieve that, they’ll have to invest in their educational system, hiring lots of English teachers to give support to this change.

Rwanda government and population are trying to have voice in the African continent and in the world, and by doing this they will probably have a tremendous progress in a few years.

Changing the language of education in the country doesn’t guarantee major changes, though. Although it’s a great first step, they have to invest much more in education, as we said above. English will help in that, by allowing children to have access to lots of different books and learning materials.

If major changes are to happen in Rwanda, this is the time.


By: Eduardo, Rafael and João





  1. A brand new market for English teachers. Anyone up for a transcontinental move?

  2. yes, would be nice to teach there …

  3. I agree. That will help a lot Rwanda’s ‘socialization’ with the world.

  4. I believe this is very interesting and a very good change!

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