Posted by: bloggingsux | 11/04/2011

Who Needs Textbooks?

Ambitious pilot program aimed at reducing the cost of textbooks at public colleges.

“Washington’s Open Course Library is the largest state-funded effort in the nation to make core college course materials available on the Web for $30 or less per class. Financed with $750,000 from the state of Washington and a matching grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the goal isn’t just to reduce student costs, says program architect Cable Green. It’s also to create engaging, interactive learning materials that will help improve course completion rates. By the time the project is completed in 2012, digitized textbook equivalents for some 81 high-enrollment classes will be available online for the more than 400,000 students enrolled in Washington’s network of community and technical colleges. Even better, the materials can be shared across the globe, largely for free, because they will be published in an open format that avoids the most onerous licensing restrictions”.

Who among you guys, throughout your school life,  never had to buy a textbook and after a while realized you never even needed to open that overpriced paperweigh? I’m sure that happened, at least once, to all of us.

This ambitious program that has been developed in the USA is something to be praised. Thousands of students will benefit from this initiative. How great would it be if we didn’t have to buy textbooks anymore and could have free access to them online.

Similar projects aimed at reducing the cost of textbooks are in the works in Brazil. Let’s cross our fingers and hope these projects really come to pass. It would be extremelly helpful in a country like ours.

By: Rodrigo, Tânia and Yasmin



  1. And then I’ll study looking at a LCD screen? No, thanks.
    Textbooks are still used because you can take them anywhere. Well, you can take it to school at least. Not everybody have laptops, not all schools have computers that can be used properly – even Universities, like ours. There are many other things us, brazilians, should do before even thinking about a digital textbook.

  2. Well, I kindda like the idea.
    Even with a computer screen intead of a text book, I also think it’s just too expensive to buy something you’re not even going to open. And if I got it right, there will be text books for school research and not only the ones to be used in class. I think it’s a great idea actualy.

  3. Love the idea! For those who aren’t too keen on the idea of reading off of an LCD screen, you can always print the pages you need.

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