Posted by: rossafa | 12/04/2011


English has become the global language in the latest years. It’s used by approximately 4 billion people on Earth. In fact, there are more NNS than NS, and, because of that, people all around the world discuss about how this language is been used and how it can affect other populations.

“Globish”, word used to refer to English as a global language, can brings many arguments by NNS who traditions are stronger or by NS who have their language changed. We can say that is important to study about language and English been used as a Lingua Franca is not so bad.

Well, people can use other languages to communicate with the world and, at the same time, keep their own traditions and language. Creating new words in English would be great too! People can understand btter terms that don’t exist in the NS country, for example.

The importance of knowing a common language is something big. At first, on the internet where most of the websites are posted in English. How could you know what is happening in the world if you don’t know this language? How could you do something about it without knowing how to speak and understand the global language?

Of course, NNS try to make the language easier for them, and sometimes NS can’t understand what they mean, but everybody can learn different things. You know, if the NNS could learn English to give their opinions and to talk to the other populations, why couldn’t NS do the same? They don’t need to learn a new language; they just need to know some new words or expressions.

Something can be great if you know how to use it.


By Michelle Akamatsu and Thais Rossafa Tavares



  1. I´m not so sure about NNS creating new English words – I´m a bit of a purist I guess.

  2. In my opinion it doesn‘t necessary to create new words. Because if create new words and everybody don‘t use it is useless. Global language is the basis Of English NS, NNS speak like a dialect. It more easy NNS learn NS than opposite. If you considering all this language maybe English become more difficult to learn.

  3. Of course it’s easier to the NNS learn English, but unless the NSs are not smart, they can do the same. You know, learning other language. English is very easy, but I think they have the capacity of learning Portuguese, for example.

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