Posted by: raquelprete | 12/04/2011

Teacher Education, Brief Introduction

Teacher education refers to the policies and procedures designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and wider community.
Since the 90’s brazilian universities and research institutes have done lots of investigations about the teaching profession. Those investigations contribute to enrich debates about the subject. But the teacher’s graduation program remain almost the same since it’s creation in 1930.
In 96 the ‘Lei de Diretrizes e Bases’ had been aproved. What generated new discussions on the newcoming brazilian educational model. According to Carlos Jamil Curry it has a polyphonic character, because of many authors who gave their contribution to it’s final version.
Brazilian youth has low interest in teacher graduation because of bad conditions of work, not attractive salaries, excessive work journey and no career plan. Along with it, those active professionals are not motivated to continue improving themselves.
‘Lei de Diretrizes e Bases’s proposal is break with the current teacher’s formation model. However school population is increasing really fast, and the need to train a high number of teachers without enough financial resources could lead to made mistakes, such as improvisation and deregulation on teachers formation.

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by Raquel and Denis



  1. This subject was already known by me. This text reinforces my concern about my future career, the government must do something to improve Brazilian education quickly. For example, raising English Teachers salaries,improving the class infrastructure, improving teacher’s graduation program and other problems.

  2. I think that in Brazil, people don’t deserve to invest in education… by many reasons. Education is power… and our country has high rates of social inequalities… In my opinion, it’s not interesting for government invest in education; they invest enough to prepare people to the labour market.
    We should complain our basic right to education, but I don’t think brazilians would do it…
    Great topic!

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