Posted by: victorisepam | 18/04/2011

Protest for a better education

On February 24th students gathered to protest on the esplanade of ministries to demand more funding for education inBrasilia.  The students claimed 10% of the GNP and 50% of the Social Funding from the Pré-sal to be designated to education.

Most of the students held signs, and some had their face painted like the students from 1992, who had the Brazilian colors on their face to help dispose the former president,FernandoCollor.

The government proposed 7% of the GNP, but the students want to reach 10% until 2020, although the funding from the Pré-sal is unsure, since there are no priorities so far. 

Last year, inItaly, hundreds of students and workers gathered to protest against Berlusconi and funding cuts on the scholarship, but the event wasn’t all democratic and peaceful like Brazilians protest.

It’s interesting to see the students gathering together for such great and deserved reason, in such an organized and peaceful manner.  

By Victor Fregatti Isepam and Nathália Moretti


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