Posted by: bdainezi | 19/05/2011

What does education in Brazil need?

When we discuss education in our country, most of our attention is around public schools of our city, or state. Those are in bad conditions: a) few of them have technology. b) If they do, students are not allowed to use computers; c) not so many teachers are well prepared; d) students are not motivated, and so on. However, there are parts in our country which do not even have schools. Then, what would be more important in Brazil: to build more schools, or to improve education in the whole country? The answer is: Both and even more. Investing money in education means to prepare and improve teacher’s salary, to build and reform schools according to the new technologies and things which motivate and keep students attention, – because they don’t want to look only at the teacher and the black board anymore – to provide good material, to create more activities (cultural ones, for example) for students to do in the afternoons (or mornings), and maybe, the most important one: to make students aware of all their rights. They can for instance, create a student guild (‘grêmio’, as it’s said inBrazil) in order to claim for everything they need. There are numerous things to be done in Brazil. However this is an old story without an end. We mean, we are sure that many people already know what has to be done, including politicians. It’s just not clear the reason why it does not happen, or why it takes so much time and so little effort.

By: Bruna, Aline and Andressa.


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