Posted by: juhhazevedo | 03/06/2011

The hard truth behind education

As a human right, it is clear that education is a main issue in the world and also the solution for lots of problems we face nowadays, such as AIDS, violence, early deaths and so on. Education is also a solution for poverty. Think about it. Educated children have the chance to be part of society. They are able to read and write. They can be creative and contribute positively to the world. Consequently, they are able to earn more money and support their families.

The Global Campaign for Education was founded in 1999 and it is a reference worldwide. Bringing together teachers, non-governmental organizations and citizens who are interested in making education an accessible right to all, this campaign is intended to focus on repairing educational issues and making our leaders do their part.

 Furthermore, education is straightly linked to economical growth. Not a single country in the world was capable of reaching rapid and continuous economical growth without a minimum average of 40% literate adults. So, wake up leaders! If you want your country to develop, start thinking of investing on education! Educated people can also influence death rates. It is proved that death rates among children would decrease if their mothers were literate. According to statistics on the Global Campaign for Education’s website, a child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive pass the age of 5.

Besides, education is a human right. Everybody should have access to quality education. But that is not the reality. The truth is even worse for girls. 60% of all children out of school are girls. Do you know why? Because when a poor family can afford education for their child, they often choose to give this opportunity to boys. Where are the human rights? And what about all the promises that were made? 250 million children are working in this very moment to help their families because they cannot afford education.

On South Africa’s Freedom Day in 2006, popular Kwaito artist and human rights campaigner, Zola, asked the government what they were doing for schools. “If the government can build four prisons, why can’t they build one primary school and pay teachers well, because if they don’t do this, these children will end up in prison.” And I totally agree.



  1. Unfortunately this is what’s happening. Nice article.

  2. Education for all as one of the Goals of the Millennium is yet to be achieved. Although my groups at UEL have joined the Global Campaign for Education since 2008, much more has to be done in order to gain audience and solidarity. I hope that our writing is able to touch others. Thanks for your contribution, Juliana.

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