Posted by: victorisepam | 30/06/2011

Culture against girls education

The Global Campaign for Education from 2011 is about girls’ education. This campaign shows that is harder for women to complete or even to start their studies. The campaign should focus on cultural issues because that’s the main reason for girls’ education problems.

It’s historical, over centuries only men acquire knowledge and had the right to study, while women should only worry about housework and kids. Men and women have the same cognitive abilities, so women can manage the same work position and study in the same level such as a man, but culture and past habits prohibited them.

But what happened in the past that made women not allowed to work? Men are stronger than women. In the past, men should hunt and bring food home and centuries after the real job was laborer and it was not easy for women. In conclusion women always stayed home while men work.

Changing culture takes time, it changed a lot but the past still reflects girls’ education nowadays for this reason the Global Campaign for Girls’ Education must pay more attention in the past to change the future faster.


By Victor Fregatti Isepam



  1. This is an interesting point. Changing cultures generally is likely to be much more difficult than providing schools, but the fact that it has been done in some places proves that it is possible.

    The issue of girls’ access to education keeps recurring. Let us hope that one day it will have been achieved everywhere and can disappear off the agenda (no doubt to be replaced by something equally important and difficult).

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