Posted by: miakamatsu22 | 31/08/2011

We must fight for our rights to education as women and girls.

We all know how education is important for everyone’s life, how it can change our lives; it can bring better opportunity for us. But the problem is many women and girls do not have the access to it so they do not even have the voice to fight for their right.

There is a huge number of children who do not go to schools, specially girls. In most of the cases, the main reasons are location, disability and Government Issue, which make thing difficult for them.

“Education helps women to claim their rights and realize their potential in economic, political and social arenas. It is also the single most powerful way to lift people out of poverty. Education plays a particularly important role as a foundation for girls’ development towards adult life. It should be an intrinsic part of any strategy to address the gender-based discrimination against women and girls that remains prevalent in many societies. Gender equality requires adapting equally to the needs and interests of girls and boys. “International human rights law lays down a three fold set of criteria where by girls should have an equal right to education, and their equal right should be protected and promoted through education” (Tomasevski, 2005)

In addition of what Tomasevski said; girls who attend school are more likely to be healthy, prevent diseases like HIV. They can contribute with social development; also they are more able to resist violence and sexual abuse.

Personally, I am against the way the government is in charge in some countries like in Nigeria where there is the highest number in the world of children of primary school who do not have access to school, about 8.2 million and 54% are girls.

One of the issues which explain this fact is the government system which does not provide condition such as transportation; consequently girls are the ones who suffer the most since it is dangerous for them to go on foot to get school, for this reason they just abandon school.

In conclusion, we can change this reality if everybody gets together and make women and girls aware of their rights to education and how it can make their life better and also bring more change for their families.

It is time for us to change reality and fight for our right as a women and girls .


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