Posted by: rossafa | 25/10/2011

Against Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States of America. Of course it is celebrate in many other countries but, when teachers use the Halloween as a way to teach Brazilian students, generally, they focus on the way of Americans.

Brazil is a big place and has a lot of different cultures and religions, but we know that our country is considered a Catholic one. That’s why people don’t believe in witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires, etc. Most of the time, students don’t even know about Brazilian holidays and festivals like: Boi Bumbá, Dia de São Cosme e Damião,  etc. And why does it happen? Because English teachers are always focusing on the American or British culture and they forget that Brazil has much more things to learn about. They could use the English language to teach all we have here and they should show the students how to talk about it to the world.

And, why doesn’t English teachers celebrate Thanksgiving Day? If they want to teach about American culture, why they skip things like that? Americans have a lot of holidays and celebrations in different places in the whole country. It’s similar to Brazil, so, here’s the question again: WHY CAN’T ENGLISH TEACHERS TEACH STUDENTS ABOUT THE BRAZILIAN HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS? Why can’t we celebrate Halloween like the Celtics do if the history of it begins with them?

Think more about what you’re going to teach your students. Americans love their country and they celebrate it together. We could do the same in Brazil teaching about our own culture and it doesn’t matter what language you use to do that. Are we developing critical Brazilians or Americans?




  1. Everything depends on your objective, teaching different cultures is important to the student’s formation, we are not alone in the world.

  2. I’ll kill you, Rach. OSKAOSKOAKOSKA’

  3. I must say I partly agree with Raquel, I think that we could try to mix cultures. Sometimes what happens is most of the teachers whether public schools or private ones just follow the book, maybe because they do not have time to prepare different lessons or just because they have to follow the school’s system.

  4. I think it depends on which purpose you are teaching, like in British languages schools they celebrate British holiday because they are teaching “British English” or like in American ones they celebrate american holiday because they teach “american English”, but if you are teaching English as “lingua franca” I think its not necessary, actually I’m not against or for. I just think that we have to think why we are celebrating these holiday and for which purpose: to help my students to learn English or to show them that English is American or British thing.

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