Posted by: rossafa | 03/11/2011

Halloween Video



  1. This ir our video, guys! Hope you like it!

  2. kkkkk..very good!!! 😉

  3. Heeey.. i really enjoyed it =]

  4. Hey… I really need 2 say that it was an amazin’ experience!!! I hope we can work 2gether again! We shall never miss the opportunities to keep in touch with wonderful people like u guys!

    Thais…the video is awsumm!!! CONGRATS!!!

  5. Oh, thank u, guys!
    I enjoyed it too. I mean, the whole decorating thing. I loved to be with you all and I’m sure we’ll be always together!!! \o/

  6. I was delighted to see the images of your preparation and all the collaboration that united you. I was really flattered to have somehow contributed to this experience. Regarding the celebration itself, I read a phrase the other day that has to do with this: “Celebrar é conhecer!”
    I am sure that lots of us got to know new things about different issues due to that ‘celebration’. Congratulations for making it happen.

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