Posted by: vinistorm | 09/05/2013

What teachers should be REVISITED

How strong post I did two years ago… Talking about this blog made me interested in revisiting how stuff was going on; in fact, it hasn’t changed at all.

From that time to now, a lot of things happened – and this is a nice part of blogging, because you can see yourself protographed in many ways and moments. Maybe that’s why I started saying “how strong post” – I definitely do not think as before. I don’t even know if I can post here (because I didn’t ask for), but I’d like to share some ideas of what is to be a teacher for me now.

As dispositions to be a teacher, I would say that dialogics is the main one. The essence of humanity is dialogical. I have been reading Freire’s work and its outspread around the globe. In my way to find his works, I was very concerned with how education could embrace and enhance students’ participation. Then, I understand that the teachers’ role is to provide opportunities to democratic-emancipatory practices – and it could be through projects, researches, acts, etc. I believe that a dialogical practice recognizes the student as a historical and cultural being and helps students to be aware of it.

In other words, I deepened my perspective rather than characterizing it in a given and fatalist way. (in my previous post, I think I romanticized a little bit and gave more features about what is a teacher as if they could be simply put in a profile) What do you think? Any comment?


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