Posted by: kcristti | 23/06/2013

Teaching with Technology

The use of technology and internet in classroom is often seen as the best way to improve education and the learning process. However, the access to the internet and other technologies has also been a problem in the educational environment. We have a large variety of technological equipments that can be used in classroom, like Laptops, cell phones, iPads and others and we see that sometimes they can cause more problems than solutions.

The world is becoming even more digital over the years. Everyone is being affected by the modern technology and it is not news. Things have changed to businesses, children, adults and consequently in teaching in the classroom, but is that a good thing?

The most common problem has to do with teaching time. This happens when neither the teacher nor the student are familiar with using the machine. If there is a problem with the modern technology, the teacher needs to call a technician and loose his valuable time. Sometimes the technical problem cannot be fixed, and the teacher may not have the opportunity to teach what he had planned. At this point the teacher will end up needing to use a plan b.

Otherwise, when the technology works, other problem can happen, like lack of attention. With the varieties of technological devices and social networks around the web it is hard for the teacher to make students pay attention in their lessons. This may disrupt the students’ performance along the year and they can get used not to pay attention in the class even when there is no technology available.

The student’s distraction can be very difficult for the teacher to deal. They may not know what to do, if they shall prohibit or allow the use of the devices. This can create a controversy between the old and the new technological way of teaching.

Another issue resulting from the use of computer is the typing vs. handwriting. If we think about it, we see how the technology has become the leader in the publishing world. Also, we have e-books, twitter, facebook, tumblr and many websites to publish our ideas by typing. You may ask yourself whether it is good or not, and the answer would be yes, it is good. On the other hand, when it comes to the use of typing in classroom it may not be good. In this case the problem is, again, the distraction – computers and the internet are always tempting and students have the tendency to check up the social networks. Otherwise, handwriting is better when talking about focusing once the distractions are fewer or none.

In my opinion it is harder to get the students’ attention when they are on the computer, actually it is hard to get the students’ attention in general nowadays, especially with the inappropriate use of technological devices. A teacher who does not have technological ability and a school that is not prepared, either for lack of technicians or lack of computers can be a waste of time which could have been used for real education.

Teachers must be aware of the needs of their classroom, and have consciousness if the modern technology will bring more benefits or harm. If it is necessary to their lesson to use the technology they must know how to deal with it and how to make of it a great tool.

Kamilla Cristti – Undergraduate student in English course at Universidade Estadual de Londrina


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