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Podcast – Teaching English in Public Schools

This podcast was made by Amanda and Isadora.

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Podcast – Ways to use Edmodo platform

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Podcast Teaching Tips.

Podcast about “How  brazilian English teachers can use YouTube as a tool”. Produced by Aylla Carolina dos Santos, Maria Eduarda Volpato and Tainara B. Martins. Enjoy it!

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Podcast – How to use Periscope

This Podcast was made by Ligia and Natan.

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Podcast – How to use Forvo

This Podcast was made by Leonardo and Luana. Enjoy.

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Podcast – PIBID’s relevance in Brazil’s education

This Podcast was made by Daniely Shirakawa, Izabella Bill and Júlia Tanus.

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Urban Legends

Banner Bloody Mary FINAL PDF

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when a gun speaks more than a pen

Against my will, in times of war, money making enterprises, technology industries, countries fighting for better world position and corrupt governments that would rather have more soldiers, hard work cheap labors,  easy to manipulate public opinion than literate, educadeted people that would question authoroties in their decisions,  intelligent, apt citizens that would change rules and laws to make a world a better place for everyone, not only few lucky menbers of the high society.

We are living times where the profit worths more than knowledge, nations will destroy their environment, sell their land, they would do whatever is possible to increase their earnings, they will collect as much taxes as they can and invest the lesser possible in basic needs like health, infrastructure and the most important issue here, the education improvemnt .

It is a paradox that undeveloped countries take education as one of their last priorities, while first world countries expand tons of money in nuclear research paying high salaries to the most renowned scientists, while teachers in both situations are underpaid, disrespected and sometimes treated as enemies. That is one of the reasons nowadays fewer people wish to embrace a teaching career, where in the mean time, more skilled educators are needed.

In 2013, the global campaign for education, whose theme is one teachear for every child, proposes with institutions involved to alert people  around the world about what has been done and what it is necessary to do in order to enable improvements in education throughout the world. Even in the most remote areas, what do we need to do to improve teacher´s training and salaries?,  how to make sure all the schools will be prepared?,  and how to grant every child with access to realible good education?.

The aim of the global campaign for education is to find answers to those questions. The world today gives more importance to the strength than to the brain, a gun speaks louder than a pen, the education scenario must start changing now to make sure future  generations will have the right to a better education to become respected professionals and not gladiators like in early eras.

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